3 Tips For Getting Used To Wearing Hearing Aids

After receiving your first set of hearing aids from a supplier like http://www.HearDenver.org, you may feel some discomfort when you initially begin using them. Getting used to wearing hearing aids takes time, and here are three tips that may help you get used to your new devices faster.

Commit To Wearing Them

You should expect to take time to get used to wearing your hearing aids. Once you receive them, it is very important for you to commit to wearing them as often as possible. If you need hearing aids, leaving them in the box will not help your hearing problem.

While wearing your hearing aids may feel awkward at first, they should not hurt. If you feel pain, go back to your audiologist to have them refitted. If they are simply uncomfortable, you will need to get used to the feeling, and wearing them daily is the only way to do this.

Adjust the Settings

Depending on the type of hearing aids you have, you may have the option of adjusting the volume. Many hearing aids today are equipped with volume controls that adjust automatically, but there are still some with buttons that allow you to adjust the volume.

Another thing to check is whether your hearing aids have frequency channels. Some hearing aids come with 15 to 20 different channels that you can use. By switching frequency channels, you may come across one that is more comfortable for your hearing needs. If you are not sure how to do this, ask your doctor.

Spend Time With Close Friends and Relatives

Another way to get used to wearing your hearing aids is to wear them while you spend time with close friends. By doing this, you can ask questions about how loud you are speaking, and they will give you honest answers. This will help you learn how loud to speak, and you will know this by listening to how loud you sound as you speak.

It's a good idea to get used to wearing the hearing aids at home before you go out in public wearing them. While wearing your hearing aids for the first few days, you may begin hearing things you haven't heard in a long time. This may be alarming at first, but you will slowly get used to it.

After wearing your hearing aids for several days, you will begin getting used to them. They will feel more normal and natural to you, and you will also be more familiar with all the new sounds you are hearing. If you experience any problems with your new hearing aids, be sure to visit your doctor soon.