Reasons To Have Your COVID Test Done By A Professional

COVID testing has come a long way since the early days of the pandemic. Testing is now widely available, and there are even several brands of at-home tests that you can purchase over the counter and take on your own time. These at-home tests do have their place. They're convenient in a pinch, and they're affordable. However, there are still some very good reasons to opt for a professional test, done at your doctor's office or a testing site, when possible. Read More 

How to Get the Most Out of RF Microneedling for Facial Rejuvination

RF (radio frequency) microneedling is a type of procedure done to restore the skin on the face. It works well for things like wrinkles and scars caused by acne. If you're going in for your first treatment, here are some important things to remember. Speak with a Microneedling Expert You want to know exactly what's going to happen to your face when taking advantage of RF microneedling, and in that case, make sure you set up a meeting with a microneedling expert. Read More 

Benefits of an Orthopedic Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Center

After an injury to a joint, healing can take quite a bit of time. In some situations, your surgeon may refer you to an orthopedic rehabilitation clinic for physical therapy. These centers allow you to recover from surgery or an injury at a slower pace while receiving the intensive physical therapy that you need. Regular physical therapy right after surgery can help make sure that your healing is as fast as possible. Read More 

Smokeless Medical Marijuana Products That May Be Better Alternatives For You

If you deal with chronic pain or deal with a medical condition that has a major impact on your daily life, your doctor may prescribe medical marijuana to try to relieve your symptoms. You may think that you'll need to start smoking marijuana to get the full therapeutic benefits, but there are many smokeless marijuana options that may be easier and more enjoyable for you to consume. These smokeless medical marijuana products for sale can offer you the same therapeutic effects without putting your lung health at risk. Read More 

Do You Need A Bone Graft For A Dental Implant?

If you're considering dental implants, you may be wondering if you need a bone graft. In short, the answer is maybe. Whether or not you need a bone graft for dental implants depends on the condition of your jawbone. Here's what you need to know about bone grafts and dental implants so that you know what to expect during your dental procedure. Most People Don't Need Bone Grafts If your jawbone is healthy and strong, then you likely won't need a bone graft. Read More