Winter Skin Care Tips

When the weather turns cold, you have to change out your clothes and bring in all of your warm winter sweaters, scarves, and heavy coats.  Not only do you need to change your wardrobe, but you also have to change your skin care routine.  Your skin loses moisture during the winter because of the dry air.  Your face can wind up looking dry and rough, so it's important to change your routine and products to better suit your skin.  Here are some simple tips to get your face ready for those cold weather temperatures.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

The products that you use during the summer and spring won't be as effective during the cold winter months.  The water based moisturizers that keep you from getting oily during the warm months won't be enough during the winter.  Oil based moisturizers that may be labeled as an ointment will create a better protection for the top layer of skin.  It will allow the moisture to get down into the other layers of the skin, making your skin feel soft and smooth.  When choosing an oil based moisturizer, be sure to use products that are intended to be used for the face.  These contain oils that will not clog the pores or sit on the skin and feel greasy, but will get down into the skin and retain moisture.    

Exfoliate Daily

While washing your face during the winter, be sure to exfoliate.  This will remove the dead skin and help to keep the face smooth and soft.  Dry and dead skin sitting on the surface of the face will clog pores and look cracked and dry.  Use an exfoliating tool or an oil based exfoliating scrub that moisturizes as it removes the dead skin.       

Cool It Down      

When you wash your face, stay away from super hot water.  Hot water affects the lipid barriers in the face, and this will dry the skin out.  Simply use warm water to wash and rinse the face in order to retain moisture.

Turn On The Humidifier    

During the winter months, you use central heating and space heaters to warm your home.  These use dry heat to raise the temperature.  Using a humidifier in the home will keep the moisture from being drawn out of the skin.  Your skin will be less cracked and dry and will not feel as tight.    

Stay Away From Drying Products

In the wintertime, stop using the products that you use during the summer to keep your skin from getting oily.  Toners, astringents, masks, and peels that contain alcohol can remove the natural oils from your skin.  This will essentially cause your skin to become more dry and damaged. 

Use Sunscreen

Even though it isn't summer and you aren't at the beach, using a moisturizer with sunscreen will continue to protect your skin even during the wintertime.  The sun in the winter can still damage your skin, especially with the glare of snow.  Many moisturizing products contain sunscreen, but you can still use the same kind you use during the summer for added protection. 

As the seasons change, change up your skin care routine in order to have the most beautiful skin and help it to feel soft and smooth all year round. Contact a dermatologist, such as at Waccamaw Dermatology & Plastic Surgery LLC, for more information.