5 Common Child Health Issues Your Doctor Can Help With

If you have children, you may know that children get sick more often than you might think. Children spread germs easily, which can be extremely difficult to contend with as a parent. Whether you are a new or long-time parent, you may need a refresher on the most common issues children face. Germs are commonly transferred from child to child, and so are other issues. In other cases, children are merely more susceptible to common problems. Read More 

How SANE Strangulation Charts Help Identify Brutal Murders

The murder of a romantic partner is tragically not uncommon and can be done in many different ways. One of the harshest of these methods is strangulation, a cruel method of death that may be easy for some to hide. However, SANE strangulation charts can help to diagnose these deaths in a more coherent fashion. Strangulation Is Surprisingly Common as Abuse Over 50 percent of all female homicide deaths are women being killed by their romantic partner, a staggering fact that makes this type of case very troubling. Read More 

How To Succeed On An Eat-Anything Diet

Most diet plans tell you to avoid certain foods. This sounds good in theory, but often what happens is that you end up eventually binge-eating those forbidden foods and undoing all of your hard work. It's also hard to stick to such restrictive diet plans when you go out to eat with friends, attend a birthday party, or come home to a special meal your partner has cooked for you. As such, many people are saying goodbye to restrictive diet plans and instead are following eat-anything diet plans. Read More