What Should You Eat When Undergoing Chemotherapy?

When you're undergoing lung cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy, you may not feel much like eating at all. It can be easy to stick with grabbing comfort food or junk food that doesn't take much trouble to prepare. But the truth is that what you eat can actually affect your immune system and overall health, and choosing the right foods can help ensure that your treatment has the greatest possible effect on your cancer. Take a look at some immune-building diet tips that can help you beat cancer.

Fruits and Vegetables

Of course, eating fruits and vegetables is always good for you. But they may be especially good for you when you're undergoing chemotherapy. Studies have shown that an agent that naturally occurs in fruits and vegetables has the effect of improving the way cancer cells respond to chemotherapy.

The dietary agent, known as apigenin, activates a tumor-suppressing protein called p53 and moves it into the nucleus of the cancer cells. Once the protein is moved to the nucleus, it can stop cell growth and speed cell death. This means that consuming fruits and vegetables that contain apigenin may actually make your chemotherapy more effective.


It's a good idea to limit your consumption of red meat or processed meats while you're dealing with cancer treatments. However, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't eat any meat at all. Lean meats like chicken, turkey, pork, and fish are all good choices for cancer patients.

If meat isn't appealing to you, you can also get protein from eggs and dairy products like milk, cheese, yogurt, and even ice cream. Getting enough protein is an important part of making sure that you have enough energy and strength to get through your cancer treatments.


It's important to make sure that you're getting enough fluids when you're undergoing chemotherapy. You may need to drink more fluids than usual because of the nausea and vomiting that often accompanies chemotherapy. One of the purposes of fluids in your body is to remove the wastes and toxins from your body, so it's especially important to be sure that you're fully hydrated while you're undergoing cancer treatments.

Water is the best liquid for you to drink. If you dislike plain water, try adding flavor with a slice of lemon or a splash of fruit juice. Other liquids, like juice, tea, ginger ale, and broth will also help keep you hydrated. If you're having trouble eating or drinking, ice chips and popsicles can help keep you hydrated.

Eating right is an important part of taking care of yourself during your cancer treatments. Talk to your doctor about putting together a diet plan that will boost your health while you're undergoing chemotherapy.