Ways That Visiting An Ayurvedic Practitioner Can Help You

Whether you're unsatisfied with the care provided by Western health practitioners or you're just always open to something different, it's worthwhile to identify an Ayurvedic practitioner working in your community and schedule an appointment. An Indian holistic-based practice, Ayurvedic care can benefit your health in a number of ways. As with other types of health practitioners, you can visit an Ayurvedic practitioner with a wide range of health complaints, from aches and pains to inflammation in your body to dietary concerns, and the practitioner will treat you in one or more different methods. Here are some ways that an Ayurvedic practitioner can help you improve your health.

Health Through Herbs

Ayurvedic practitioners work on the principle that dietary adjustments can dramatically improve a wide range of ailments. Regardless of the specific nature of your health complaint, it's likely that the practitioner you visit will provide you with herbs, either ground into pills or dried and meant to be steeped in hot water, for you to consume. Some herbs are consumed before meals, while others are taken afterward. Turmeric, for example, is a common herb in Ayurveda, known for its ability to reduce cases in inflammation in several parts of the body.

Less Physical Pain

If you're chronically sore for any number of reasons, your Ayurvedic practitioner will likely recommend an Ayurvedic massage. This hands-on treatment is different than any other massage that you may have had. Oils — some of them warmed up — are a key element of an Ayurvedic massage. These oils often contain herbal extracts that can help nourish your body and remove toxins. Your practitioner will focus on the body's various chakra points, based on the health issue you're dealing with. Some practitioners will ask you to have a steam shower after your massage, as the steam will help the oil sink in through your skin even more, thus increasing its benefits.

Dietary Recommendations

Whether you're trying to lose weight or you just aren't getting enough nutrients through your food, your Ayurvedic practitioner will give you numerous recommendations for improving your diet. One of the principles of Ayurveda is that healthy eating is integral to staying healthy, and you'll get meal recommendations — and be able to buy key Ayurvedic ingredients — to begin altering the way you eat. Ayurvedic nutrition revolves around the use of herbs, each of which provides specific health benefits when included in your diet. Your practitioner will also likely recommend one or more Ayurvedic cookbooks to help you at home.