Spinal Compression Fractures: That Back Pain Is Not Arthritis

If you have osteoporosis and have been suffering with back pain, do not just assume it is arthritis. This is especially true if you notice that the pain is worse when standing that it is when you lie down, you have trouble bending, or your spine is starting to curve so you seem to be hunched over all the time. The only way to be sure of what is going on is by seeing your primary care physician and taking a few tests, however, these symptoms could be telling you that you have a spinal compression fracture. Here is a bit of information about this condition so understand the importance of seeing your doctor instead of just dealing with the pain.

Treating Compression Fractures

In many cases, a compression fracture can heal on its own. You may need to take pain medication to get through the worst of it though. However, in order for it to heal you will need to limit your activities. A back brace may help and you may be put on bed rest for a while. Your doctor can help with the medications and brace. He or she can also provide you with an excuse from work or at least make sure your physical activities are not more than you can handle. If you do not follow the doctor's orders, the risk of more fractures increases greatly. If the above treatments do not help the fracture to heal you may need surgery to fuse the gone back together.

Preventing More Fractures

The first step in preventing more compression fractures is by treating the osteoporosis. This can be done by taking calcium supplements and doing exercises recommended by the doctor. In addition, you should quit smoking if you do and get out in the sun more to absorb Vitamin D. Talk with the doctor about medications that help to increase bone density too. You will need to be careful. Avoid activities where there is a high risk of slipping or falling, including walking around the house at night in the dark.

Hopefully, the medications you take for osteoporosis will work so that your bone density increases and the risk of spinal compression fractures decreases. However, anytime you feel that same type of pain and experience the symptoms again, see your doctor. Getting the proper medical attention is the best way to ease the pain and to keep it from coming back.

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