3 Things To Do After Lasik Surgery To Ensure The Success Of Your Surgery

When you have Lasik surgery, the success of your surgery is not just about the surgery itself. It is also about how you take care of yourself after the surgery. You need to make sure that you take the right care of yourself in order to ensure that your surgery ends up being a success and that you end up getting the results that you want.

#1 Go to Your Appointments

It doesn't matter if you are feeling like you can do anything you want; you need to go to your follow-up appointments after your surgery. At your follow-up appointments, the physician will be able to test your vision and check on the healing process. They will be able to spot issues that you may not even notice and take corrective action to ensure that you continue to heal properly. This is also your chance to share what you are experiencing and ask any clarifying questions you have about your operation. Don't skip out on your appointments; they are important for monitoring your overall health.

#2 Take Your Medications

Once again, even if you are feeling great, you need to take the medicated eye drops that your doctor prescribed to you. The medicated eye drops will help reduce swelling in your eyes that you may not even be aware of. This is important for the healing process. The medicated eye drops will also help keep your eyes clean. You need a really clean environment for your eyes to heal without developing an infection.

Failure to use your medicated eye drops could lead to complications and could weaken the results that you may have experienced otherwise. That is why you need to make sure that you take all medications, even if you think your eyes are doing great and don't need them. Take the eye drops for the full course that your doctor prescribed to you and discuss any concerns with your doctor before you discontinue their use.

#3 Keep Water Out of Your Eyes

Next, you are going to want to keep water out of your eyes. If you are someone who likes to have water run over their head when they shower, this can be challenging. Washing your face can feel refreshing. However, even the fresh water in your home contains very tiny minerals and other particulars that don't otherwise compromise your health, but that could be dangerous to your eyes when they are in a sensitive state following your eye surgery. Keep water away from your eyes after your Lasik surgery for the first few weeks.

When you need to clean your eyes, be sure to use a saline solution to clean around your eyes. This is the most sanitary option for cleaning around your eyes as they heal. Ensure the success of your Lasik surgery by keeping your follow-up appointments, using the prescribed medicated eye drops for the full course of treatment, and keeping water away from your eyes for the first few weeks following your surgery. Also, follow any specific instructions provided to you by your medical care team. 

For more information, contact your local eye surgery services.