Fallen Arches Take You Out Of Football? Get Custom Orthotics

As a football player, you are constantly on your feet and on the run. However, you suffered from fallen arches recently and have been able to get back into the game. As a result, you may need to consider custom orthotics to help your foot strength. These items are designed to not only help support a person's overall foot health but to heal damaging situations like fallen arches.

Why Fallen Arches are So Bad for Football Players

Fallen arches occur when the support structure in the foot fails and creates a large amount of pain in the foot. While you should still be able to walk, the pain might be more severe than you can handle. Football players simply won't be able to practice their favorite sport and definitely won't be able to compete. For some players, this brief time away could sabotage positions on a team or even scholarships.

As a result, you cannot tolerate any limitation on your football career like fallen arches. While you might not be able to get back into the game right away, you can use a variety of care methods to help increase your recovery time. For example, custom orthotics provide the kind of support and strength necessary to keep the foot strong and firm while you wait to get back to football.

How Custom Orthotics Help

If fallen arches have sabotaged your potential football career and you want to get back into shape for next season, seriously consider custom orthotics. They will support your foot health by providing extra support that helps to enhance your arches and gives them the chance to heal and be stronger after they fall.

While you may still need to take pain medication after getting fit with custom orthotics, they can still provide you with the support you need to recover. Just make sure that you work with your doctor to ensure that you don't go back to practice too soon. Fallen arches should not be trifled with lightly, so make sure that your feet are fully prepared to ensure you can get competitive again.

Fallen arches may also require other care options, such as foot adjustments and even surgery, if the pain is too severe. Thankfully, custom orthotics should help to support the foot and give it the time it needs to heal. You may also want to consider orthotics as a permanent addition to your shoe if you're worried about your arches or foot health in general.

Make sure that you are locating a local custom orthotics center for more help.