Reasons Men Should Consider Hormone Replacement In Older Age

Traditionally, hormone replacement therapy was something pursued during and after menopause. However, it is now becoming more common for men to seek hormone replacement as the age. The hormones are different, of course. Men take testosterone, whereas women would replace their estrogen and progesterone. So why should you, as an older man, consider hormone replacement? Take a look at a few top reasons.

Hormone replacement can help prevent muscle loss.

It is common for men to lose muscle mass as they age. And no matter how much you work out, it's really hard to put that muscle back on. There are real consequences to this muscle loss. It becomes harder to participate in sports and activities you love, and you also burn fewer calories, which means you're more likely to put on the pounds in the form of fat. Hormone replacement can help prevent you from losing muscle mass, so you can stay more active and keep the fat off as you get older.

Hormone replacement can help with sleep problems.

Older men often struggle to get good sleep. This is often blamed on stress, but many times, lower testosterone levels are at least partially to blame. With hormone replacement, you should have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. Improving your sleep will transform your life. You'll be more productive, your moods will be more stable, and you won't get sick as often.

Hormone replacement can improve your memory.

Although it is normal for memory to decline somewhat as you age, lower testosterone levels can really enhance this effect. Hormone replacement can make it easier for you to remember little things, like where your keys are, what time your meeting is at, and what your email password is. This will benefit you professionally and socially.

Hormone replacement will keep your sex life strong.

One of the best-known effects of lower testosterone levels is a loss of libido. This can impact your romantic relationship and also contribute to depression. Hormone replacement therapy can keep your libido strong, which can keep your relationship strong and serve as a source of reassurance.

It's time for men to look into hormone replacement. This therapy can be really helpful for older men who are starting to notice changes in their bodies due to falling testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor to learn more, and look into your various options for hormone replacement therapy.