How SANE Strangulation Charts Help Identify Brutal Murders

The murder of a romantic partner is tragically not uncommon and can be done in many different ways. One of the harshest of these methods is strangulation, a cruel method of death that may be easy for some to hide. However, SANE strangulation charts can help to diagnose these deaths in a more coherent fashion.

Strangulation Is Surprisingly Common as Abuse

Over 50 percent of all female homicide deaths are women being killed by their romantic partner, a staggering fact that makes this type of case very troubling. Such a death is very painful and done with a lot of hate, as it is slow and allows the murderer time to revel in the death of their partner. As a result, strangulation deaths are often heavily penalized in various court cases due to their brutality.

Unfortunately, this type of death is often easy to hide by using various tools that help to minimize hand imprints on the throat, such as gloves, padded items, and much more. When this happens, a strangulation death may not be properly diagnosed and may cause the murderer to get away. Thankfully, a SANE can produces a strangulation chart that helps to make it easier to diagnose strangulation.

How SANE Strangulation Charts Help

SANE strangulation charts (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) are critical for providing these examiners with a better understanding of the potential symptoms of strangulation. For example, these charts include a myriad of information about strangulation, such as the symptoms that they cause and their impact on a woman's body, which can help to make it easier to diagnose this problem when it occurs.

Just as importantly, the universal use of such charts also helps to make it simpler for other technicians and medical professionals to diagnose this problem. They can then use the chart information and other types of data from the scene of the crime — such as fingerprints — to identify who strangled the woman. Though the sad truth is that it is likely to be her romantic partner, whether male or female.

SANE offers charts like these and other types of data to help nurse practitioners and other professionals better understand the physical impact of strangulation and to help sort through any potential confusion about what occurred. By using these methods, it is possible for nurses and doctors to provide the type of comprehensive care that a case needs to be properly prosecuted and the perpetrator found. Contact a SANE to get help with a strangulation chart review.