5 Common Child Health Issues Your Doctor Can Help With

If you have children, you may know that children get sick more often than you might think. Children spread germs easily, which can be extremely difficult to contend with as a parent. Whether you are a new or long-time parent, you may need a refresher on the most common issues children face.

Germs are commonly transferred from child to child, and so are other issues. In other cases, children are merely more susceptible to common problems. Here are a few to look out for.


Asthma is a serious health issue that involves shortness of breath, even while resting. Asthma may also come with a dry cough or a cough that tends to pop up during or after physical activity. Asthma is a condition that can be addressed with regular medical guidance from a doctor.


Allergies are a response by the immune system to something that is generally harmless to others. For example, your child could have an allergic reaction to cat dander, pollen, bee stings, or foods. Allergies can become less severe over time, and in some cases, you will need to work with a doctor to find ways to diminish common symptoms.


Impetigo, which may include red blemishes and blisters, may crust over with pus eventually. This is an itchy condition that requires antibiotics and can spread easily. It is important to pay attention to any sort of sore that appears, especially on your child's face.


Colds are incredibly common in children. If your child has a cold, it is often enough to drink lots of fluids, get rest, and avoid other children. Cold and flu symptoms appear differently, but it is important that you bring your child to the doctor if you notice symptoms worsening after rest and fluids.


Lice is a discreet issue that may involve frequent itching. Lice lay eggs in hair, which can be uncomfortable for a child. Lice removal is a necessary step in the process to keep your child free from lice. You may not need to bring your child to the doctor for a case of lice, but if you notice frequent itching of your child's head, a doctor can help.

A Doctor Can Help

Your child's doctor can provide more information about these common health concerns. Are you looking for more information about your child's health condition? It is important that you bring your child to the doctor if you suspect that he or she is at risk for further health conditions.