The Pros And Cons Of Taking Prescription Medications For Weight Loss

If you have been struggling to lose weight, then one option is to see a doctor and talk to them about prescription medications for weight loss. There are several different drugs that can be prescribed for this purpose, including orlistat, phentermine, and liraglutide. Each one works a little differently. However, before you even consider which medication is best for you, it's important to think about whether weight loss medications, in general, are right for you. Here are some pros and cons to consider before you start taking weight loss prescriptions.

Pro: These medications are well-tested and regulated.

Prescription drugs that are used to promote weight loss have been evaluated by the FDA and observed, while in use, by many doctors over the years. This does not mean they are perfect, but it does mean that any possible issues and side effects they cause are well known and understood. Compare this to herbal remedies and over-the-counter weight loss aids, which aren't as strictly regulated or studied, and it's easier to see that prescription weight loss medications are the wiser choice.

Con: They are not magic pills.

Taking a weight loss medication can help if you're struggling to lose weight, but the pill will not negate your need to eat less and exercise more. You will still need to be dedicated to your weight loss goals and work hard to make them a reality. Your results may just come a little sooner with the help of a weight loss medication.

Pro: There are various medications that work in different ways.

Since there are quite a few different weight loss medications, your doctor can prescribe the one that best addresses the issues you, specifically, are having with weight loss. If you're struggling with a huge appetite, they can prescribe a pill that limits your appetite. If you're struggling with bingeing on fatty foods, your doctor can prescribe a medication that deters you from eating so much fat.

Con: Side effects can be a bother.

Not everyone experiences side effects with weight loss medications. But for those who do, side effects can be quite a bother. Some medications may cause diarrhea and nausea. Others may cause headaches. Your doctor can adjust your dose or switch you to another medication if warranted, but this is still something to be aware of before taking weight loss meds.

Weight loss meds can be beneficial, but they are not for everyone. Have a talk with your doctor to gain more insight into the benefits and drawbacks of prescription weight loss.