BLS Training For The New Emergency Medical Technician: What To Expect

Getting BLS (Basic Life Support) certified is one important step you must take toward becoming a new emergency medical technician. To become certified, you must go through BLS training and take an official exam. Here are a few things you should expect from the BLS training services you decide to take advantage of:

An Online Experience

Even if you attend BLS classes in person, you should have access to a variety of online resources that will help you understand your course work and prepare for practice exams and eventually the final exam. You should be able to log into the facility's portal and find access to study materials, example tests, and even a student forum where you can bounce ideas off others and get advice or guidance when you need it. Some BLS training service providers even offer classes that are 100% online.

Unlimited Exam Attempts

If you work hard on your coursework, you will likely pass your final exam on the first try. But things happen and if for any reason you do not pass the exam the first time, you should be able to take the exam again as many times as it takes to pass. All you have to do is request the opportunity to do so. You will have a little time between exams to do some extra studying and prepare more for your next try so that your chance of passing is greater.

Immediate Certification

Once you pass your final BLS examination, you should not have to wait to get your certification so you can go to work as an emergency medical technician. As soon as you find out the results of your exam you should be able to log into your BLS account and find a certificate to print out. The certificate should include your certification number, which is all you would need to provide to your employer to verify that you have become BLS certified.

QR Code Verification

Another thing you should expect from the BLS training services you receive is the ability to utilize QR code verification for your credentials. If you are on the job and a facility you're working at or a home care provider you are dealing with wants to verify your BLS credentials, you can provide them with a QR code that they can use immediately to verify the credentials. You won't need to worry about memorizing your certification number or rely on people to have pens and paper available while trying to verify your credentials. 

For more information, reach out to a BLS trainer.