How To Choose The Right Prescription Sunglasses

When you wear glasses, it can be difficult to protect your eyes from the sun. Prescription sunglasses can make a huge difference in how you enjoy the outdoors. From casual wear to engaging in all your favorite sports, learn how to choose the right prescription sunglasses for your needs.

Glasses with a clip-on sunglasses attachment

If you don't like to have to take your regular eyeglasses off to put sunglasses on, this option is a great one for you. You can be fitted for regular prescription glasses that have an additional clip-on pair of sunglasses that go with them. The sunglasses fit right over your normal lenses and can be clipped on and off with ease. These types of sunglasses are great for clipping on while driving, watching sports events, or even just doing outdoor chores. If you don't want to fully commit to a separate pair of prescription lenses just to go outside, then these are a great option for you.

Photochromic lenses, or glasses that have lenses that change from clear to dark based on lighting, are another option available to you if you don't want to have multiple types of prescription eye wear in order to enjoy the outdoors.

Sports sunglasses

If you enjoy sports, then your current glasses may get in the way. You can get prescription sunglasses with durable plastic scratch-resistant lenses and flexible frames so you don't have to worry about busting your eye wear in half after taking a hit. Sports sunglasses are also an excellent option for you if you are heavy on your glasses in general and want a pair of sunglasses that won't break when you step on them. You can even get sunglasses that specialize in your favorite sport, from mountain climbing to motorcycle riding.

Specialty sunglasses

You can even get prescription sunglasses for protective eye wear. Ski goggles, water goggles, safety glasses, and welding glasses can all be made in prescription sunglasses form so that you can have perfect vision no matter what you are doing. You can be fitted for a variety of specialty sunglasses (even snorkeling goggles) so that no matter where you go, you have your prescription right along with you and you don't have to worry about your eyesight in the sun.

Wearing sunglasses in the sun is a great way to protect your eyes. With prescription sunglasses you can be trendy no matter what you are doing, from rock climbing to skiing, and feel great about your eyes not having to squint in the sun.

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