Which Medication Should I Choose For A Sinus Infection?

When you have a horrible sinus infection, you could try one of the endless number of home remedies available. But if you just want relief, you'll want to discuss with your doctor the treatment options that are available. Each of the available medications can have a different level of effectiveness and different side effects. Mucolytics Mucolytics may be able to reduce the symptoms of a sinus infection by thinning mucus, which makes it easier to drain. Read More 

A Lady’s Life After College: 2 Unhealthy Risks To Avoid

When you are a young lady fresh out of college, the whole world seems like a big opportunity. And you likely dive into that world with zeal and enthusiasm. However, adult life is not all fun and games and the pursuit of the next great thing. There are responsibilities that go along with being an adult that you need to be aware of as you make your way out into the world, especially in regard to your health. Read More 

Creating An Accommodating Environment For The Hearing Impaired In The Workplace

Hearing loss has a big effect on an employee's productivity. According to some estimates, every person with moderate to severe hearing loss costs the national economy approximately $300,000. As an employer, you have the means of mitigating this loss. The best way to do this is to make the environment accommodative to employees with hearing disabilities. There are several ways of achieving this, and below are four examples. Accommodate the Hearing Impaired  Read More 

Don’t Let Your Workday Contribute To Back Pain

When you're suffering from back pain, making the effort to call a chiropractor's office and arrange a consultation is the first step in your recovery. After diagnosing the nature of your issue, the chiropractor will provide an adjustment and give you a treatment plan that incorporates future adjustments until your pain is gone. Although the chiropractor will take the lead in your recovery, you can play an active role as well. Read More 

Medically Assisted Weight Loss Can Be An Effective Tool For Woman With PCOS

For some people, losing weight is nearly an effortless process. Cut a few calories, incorporate exercise and just like that – they've reached their goal weight.  However, for women who suffer from medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), weight loss is nothing short of an uphill battle that seems impossible to win. What Is PCOS? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is an endocrine disorder that affects as many as 5 million women within the United States. Read More