How Bulimia Treatment Centers Can Help People Who Develop This Disease After Being Teased

Being overweight is never an easy situation for anybody. For very young children, it can be tough; they may be pressured by their parents and even teased by others about their weight. As a result, it is important to take steps to understand this situation and to manage it in a constructive way. Teasing Can Be A Major Contributing Factor Young children who are overweight may suffer from the teasing behavior of their peers that makes them feel bad about themselves. Read More 

Preventing More Fractures Means Taking Some Calculated Risks

It stinks to have a broken bone, to put it bluntly, and the idea that you have a condition that makes fractures more likely is not a pleasant thought. But as scary as that idea is, and as comforting as staying swaddled up in a soft blanket for the rest of your life might seem, the more appropriate course of action is to take some calculated (and really very safe) risks. Read More 

Discovering That You Have Osteoporosis: How It Typically Happens

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects millions of women past menopause. It can also affect men in the same age range. Like heart disease and high blood pressure, you will not know that you have osteoporosis until something out of the ordinary happens. There are no warning signs, and the deterioration of your bones does not hurt. Here is how most people discover that they have this disease, and what you can do about it after the fact. Read More 

Sniffing Up Good Vibrations: 3 Massage Oil Scents To Help You Relax

When it comes to relaxation, there's not really anything more soothing and therapeutic than a nice massage. The kneading on your muscles helps to de-stress and relax your body, and the quiet time helps to invigorate your mind. But what if there was a way for massages to do triple duty -- to boost your concentration, relax your muscles, and relax you emotionally? Well, there is, and it's through the science of smell. Read More 

How An Intensivist Can Help With An ICU Understaffing Problem

The ICU unit is one of the most important parts of a hospital. However, there is a chance that it may be understaffed in severe situations. When this occurs, an intensivist may be necessary as a way of avoiding serious healthcare problems. Understaffing Is A Serious Concern While the medical field is attracting a large number of people every year, there is still a problem with understaffing. An understaffed hospital simply doesn't have enough specialists to help everyone in the building. Read More