Reasons Men Should Consider Hormone Replacement In Older Age

Traditionally, hormone replacement therapy was something pursued during and after menopause. However, it is now becoming more common for men to seek hormone replacement as the age. The hormones are different, of course. Men take testosterone, whereas women would replace their estrogen and progesterone. So why should you, as an older man, consider hormone replacement? Take a look at a few top reasons. Hormone replacement can help prevent muscle loss. Read More 

Combat Fall Allergies This Year

As fall approaches, you might wonder how to combat the allergies that come with it. You are not alone if you happen to get allergies in autumn. And you are certainly not alone in wanting to treat them. Want to know how to fight back against allergies this fall? Here's what you need to know about fighting allergies as the new season approaches and the weather winds down. Accessorize to Feel Better Read More 

Fallen Arches Take You Out Of Football? Get Custom Orthotics

As a football player, you are constantly on your feet and on the run. However, you suffered from fallen arches recently and have been able to get back into the game. As a result, you may need to consider custom orthotics to help your foot strength. These items are designed to not only help support a person's overall foot health but to heal damaging situations like fallen arches. Why Fallen Arches are So Bad for Football Players Read More 

Are You Suffering From GERD?

Many people struggle with a digestive condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, more commonly referred to as GERD. A person with this condition will suffer from stomach acid regularly flowing into their esophagus. Since stomach acid is harmful and corrosive, over time, this condition can damage your esophagus and pose serious health risks as well as discomfort. If you suffer from this issue regularly, you may meet the diagnostic criteria for GERD. Read More 

How To Identify A New Food Allergy

Perhaps this has happened to you: you're eating a snack and suddenly your mouth starts to itch or burn. Maybe your lips become swollen or you break out in hives. If you've had this unfortunate experience, it's possible you have a food allergy. Experiencing a food allergy can be alarming and uncomfortable, especially if you were previously unaware of it. Allergies can develop at any time, so this allergy may even be new. Read More