Orthotic Treatment For Foot Ulcers: 3 Things Diabetics Need To Know

Foot ulcers are a major problem for diabetics. About 15% of people with diabetes will get a foot ulcer at some point during their lives, and as many as 20% of those people will need to have the affected foot amputated. Proper treatment, including treatment with orthotics, can help diabetic foot ulcers heal. Here are three things diabetics need to know about orthotic treatment for foot ulcers. What does orthotic treatment involve? Read More 

Treating Eczema On Babies

Eczema on babies tends to be a common problem, and it typically worsens when the air and skin are dry. In time, your baby's eczema may gradually go away, but have you ever wondered what you can do in the meantime? There are ways you can treat it and things you can do to prevent it. Here are some tips to help you with this. Avoid lotions Applying lotion to your child's skin may seem like a good solution for the eczema, but it really isn't. Read More 

How To Reduce The Size Of Your Pores With Lemons And Egg Whites

 If you suffer from large pores on your face and want to do something to get rid of them, you might want to try using fresh lemon juice and egg whites. This is a natural remedy that is very effective for this purpose, and it is easy to use and affordable. Here are several things you should know if you want to give this natural treatment option a try. How do egg whites and lemon juice help? Read More 

Knee Replacement Surgery: What To Expect

Knee replacement surgery is recommended by orthopedic surgeons for a variety of reasons, including damage to the joint caused by rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. It is the most commonly performed joint replacement surgery. If your doctor has suggested this type of surgery for your knees, you should familiarize yourself with the process so you know what to expect from the surgery and the recovery. Here are a few things you should know. Read More 

Marfan Syndrome And Pregnancy: What You Should Know

When you have Marfan syndrome, you may be wondering whether or not you can or should have children and go through the process of pregnancy. There are numerous factors to consider when pondering the prospect of procreating. Get to know some of the facts and factors to consider and more about pregnancy and Marfan syndrome so that you can better make your decisions and start the family that you have been wanting (one way or the other). Read More